Restaurant - Bar  El Ventanal

Restaurant - Bar  "El Ventanal"
c/ Mª del Monte, Polígono Los Manantiales
41370 Cazalla de la Sierra (Sevilla)staurant

659 18 92 44

Iberian pork

Bar - restaurant El Ventanal is situated very near the centre of Cazalla de la Sierra, c/ Mª del Monte en Las Manantiales.
El Ventanal serves the typical dishes from this area, specialty of the house is Iberian pork.
Parking in front of the restaurant in the same street.

There is a lot of room to enjoy a meal or a drink in the restaurant, at the bar on the terrace. groups, you can book your meals and your table beforehand.


home-made stews

home-made meat stews

home-made croquettes

fillet and other

from IBERIAN pork