The Green Paradise of Seville


map The Sierra Norte Natural Park is located in the North of the province of Seville, Andalusia, in a semi-mountainous area and forms part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserva "Las Dehesas de la Sierra Morena". It has an important animal population, headed by mammals such as the wild cat, otter, boar, deer and fallow deer, rabbit and hare. Bird life in the Park is equally abundant, with species of vulture, partridge, black storks and eagles.

The plant life of the Sierra is characterized by extensive pasturelands that alternate with woods of holm and cork oak. More shaded areas feature many gall oaks, chestnuts, stone pines and elms. Finally, along the river tributaries, particularly those of the rivers HuÚznar and Viar, there are woods of ash, willow and alder.

The Sierra Norte is an ideal holiday destination for people who enjoy nature and tranquility, and who prefer the real Spain to the mass tourism found on the coast.

Here, you will be able to practice many open-air activities such as trekking, biking, horse riding, rock climbing and - with the necessary permits - fishing and hunting. And, if you feel like a change, you can easily visit the historic and beautiful cities of Seville or Cordoba.

There are ten authentic villages in the Sierra Norte, each with its own charm, its own history and its own festivities:

Alanís (± 2.000 inhabitants)  
Almadén de la Plata (± 2.000 inhabitants)  
Cazalla de la Sierra (± 5.200 inhabitants)  
Constantina (± 7.000 inhabitants)  
Guadalcanal (± 3.000 inhabitants)  
Las Navas de la Concepción (± 2.000 inhabitants)  
El Pedroso (± 2.500 inhabitants)  
La Puebla de los Infantes (± 3.600 inhabitants)  
El Real de la Jara (± 2.000 inhabitants)  
San Nicolás del Puerto (± 900 inhabitants)  

The weather

The Andalusian spring is world famous, with pleasant temperatures and a feast of colors. In summer the plains of the Guadalquivir (Seville, Ecija, and Cordoba) can be very hot. Temperatures of over 40░ Celsius are not exceptional. In the mountains of the Sierra Norte though the weather is more moderate then: lower temperatures and often a little wind. In this time of year people here live out-of-doors. Children play in the street and people sit outside their houses till the early hours.

Autumn and winter can be very pleasant. Temperatures around 12░ Celsius with sunshine and blue skies are very nice: ideal for walking. And in the evening it is cozy around the fireplace.

It is difficult to say what you can expect when it comes to rain. Andalusia has had years of enormous drought. The winter of 2000-2001, however, was exceptionally wet; the wettest in 100 years!

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