The Green Paradise of Seville


"Sevilla tiene unas cosas
Que solo tiene Sevilla
Luna, sol, flor y mantilla
Una risa y una pena
Y la Virgen Macarena
Que también es de Sevilla
Aromas de clavelinas
La Giralda y sus campanas
La Esperanza de Triana
Que también es de Sevilla
Y Sevilla por tener
Tiene la gloria en su mano
A Jesus del Gran Poder
Que también es Sevillano"
"Sevilla has got some things
That only Sevilla has gott
Moon, sun, flower and mantilla
A smile and some pain
And the 'Virgin Macarena'
Who also is from Sevilla
Smell of carnation
The Giralda tower and its bells
The 'Esperanza de Triana'
Who also is from Sevilla
And for Sevilla to keep
Who has the glory in his hands
The 'Jesus del Gran Poder'
Who also is Sevillano"

The lyrics of a very famous "sevillanas", a typical song and dance of Sevilla. It tells us of all the special things to see, to feel, to smell, to do and to experience in this marvelous city. It also refers to three famous statues that go out in procession during the Holy Week: the Virgin Macarena, the Esperanza de Triana and the Jesus del Gran Poder.

Discover Sevilla! Wander through its streets, touch its history, feel its fiestas and eat its food. Live Sevilla!